About Big Cat Capital

Big Cat Capital are active in the merger and acquisition sector, currently building a portfolio of companies, providing investment and supporting businesses in growth or distress.


Conscious of ensuring value to clients, we have developed an extraordinary network of specialists, in a broad range of sectors. This underpins an industry agnostic capability, enabling our clients to trust in the capability, knowledge and experience offered.

Dave Ford - Founder


Having worked for over twenty-five years in the aviation industry delivering complex maintenance programmes. Dave gravitated towards distressed business challenges, building extensive experience in turnarounds. Dave brings calm and logic to chaos, a keen instinct, and an ability to engage people with the journey ahead.


Now, as an accomplished business owner, he has chosen to follow his passion in working with small to medium sized businesses. The challenges of recovering from adversity, scaling for growth or a pivot to reinvent a business, can be a daunting challenge alongside the day to day. In these situations, Dave joins forces with a business, to achieve their objective, creating wealth and sustainable future for clients.