Owners looking to make step change expansion, access particular clients or exit their business should reach out to discuss M&A options. Big Cat Capital are actively growing a portfolio of SME sized companies in sectors such as, but not limited to Digital production, Medical and Pharma, Travel, Events. The expanding breadth and diversity of our portfolio is its strength, particularly through times of a shrinking economy.


The process of sourcing, shaping a deal, deal execution and transition to a new group structure, can be daunting to say the least. We have specialist knowledge and experience in this area and can deliver the full merger or acquisition life cycle.

The development of our portfolio through partial acquisition or merger creates strong partnerships with owners. Options to exchange company shares to join forces achieving greater returns and security as a key outcome.


Owners looking to exit their business will often find considerable frustration with brokering and trying to meet their financial and timeline requirements. In these circumstances, for businesses that show a history of profitability, and potential for scaling, deals can be structured to meet the owner exit requirements. This is something that many business owners choose to do after spending too many months or years in a broker's web.


For further discussion around these areas, use our contact form or give us a call.

"Bringing Dave into my digital production business has driven growth from a well crafted strategy, and allows me to focus on what's best for our business"

Mike Ravenhill, MD Lighthouse Visual Communications -